Anti-Gay protest

In today’s society people who are completely against the ideal or belief of homophobia use several justifications in order to support their disagreement with it. One of these justifications that they use as a mean to get their point across is the bible. Anti-gay websites should not be rooted in biblical teachings. First of all, whatever happened to the idea of separation between church and state?  America is supposed to be diverse in terms of ethnicity, religion and orientation. It isn’t right that people support their hate with religion and for the so called evidence in the bible that is used by these perpetrators of hate, the god they believe in did not write the bible. People did. People whose interpretations of their faith influenced the writings in the bible. People who had the power to edit every single word that was published, and decided each and every word they wanted people to see. Why is it that Christians promote the belief that God has created everyone in his image. If this is so then God created everyone as he wanted them to be. Haters want to use single lines from the whole bible such as a verse in Leviticus, Chapter 18 verse 22 to account for their belief that gays are immoral. What happens with the overall theme of love and loving all people as equal? If Americans want to call themselves egalitarians then they need to put more pressure on hate groups so we can STOP THE HATE.

It is said that anti-gay websites share two common elements, the other one of those elements is that of the use of American Patriotism. The fact that hate groups think this is good justification is absurd, if anything their use of this offends many many more Americans than it does not. How is it that these hate groups think that homosexuality is un-American? One’s sexual orientation has nothing to do with where one is from hence why every country on our planet has gays and lesbians. By this, homosexuality is technically then universal and there are no symbols especially American symbols that could be used as anti-gay propaganda. There clearly is not much that could be said to individuals of a hate group in order to change their outlook, which explains why they come up with such ludicrous examples in which to justify their hatred towards individuals of the gay community. The irony of it all is that they use American symbols despite the fact that it does not make clear sense and that the American people as a majority probably has more of a negative outlook on these hate groups then the members of the gay community.

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